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The granddaddy of American craft brewing hops and the classic finishing hop for countless craft ales. Famously citrus-like (particularly ruby red grapefruit) with prominent floral tones. Medium intensity.


Released in 1978, it continues to enjoy success as a multipurpose high-alpha variety. Given its high alpha and crop yield, Galena is most often found as a classic bittering hop. Mild to moderate, with a surprisingly pleasant tropical citrus quality.

Mt. Hood

With its noble heritage, Mt. Hood is an excellent choice for pale lagers, wheat beers, and German or Belgian ales where a refined aroma with low to moderate bitterness is desirable. Moderately intense and sweet with suggestions of herbal notes, flowers and green fruit.


A bittering hop, Magnum is known for contributing very smooth, clean bitterness along the lines of Nugget and Horizon. High alpha content gives excellent bittering power for any hoppy style. Magnum has a fine, if understated, character, showing restrained and mild fresh flower and fruit aromatics when used late in the boil.

Hops for Floral

Hop bines are available mid-August through harvest (typically mid-September) and can be purchased by the foot and individual cones.


Hop Garland $10 a foot

Hop Cones $2 each - bulk pricing available.


Wholesale pricing available for professional florists.

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