Fresh hop bines and hop garlands are available to order directly from our Hop Farm in St. Clair County.

Our hop cones make a great addition to your bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, centerpieces and more!

Hops as Floral

  • A hop bine is composed of two or three stems that have grown and twisted up a long central string. Fresh hop bines are supple and can be easily draped and twined into position
  • The fully-grown bines are harvested when they are in their prime and have their freshest green color. Fresh hop bines can be purchased (cut to order) from mid-August to mid-September.
  • Hop greenery is available end of July through Mid September.
  • The density of hop cones depends on the time of the harvest.
  • Fresh Hops last an average of 7 days with proper care and handling. Hop buds can be dried out for décor.
  • Floral Hops are grown for decoration purposes and not for consumption.
  • Since flowers are a product of Mother Nature and due to variation in monitor resolutions, the exact color tones of this flower may vary to some degree.
  • The greenness of the flowers will be retained longer if the hops are not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Be careful – hop flowers contain lupulin, a yellow pollen-like substance that is the plant’s essential oils. This can stain fabrics and furnishings, so dust-sheets should always be used to protect interiors whilst hops are being handled.
  • Occasionally there may be small insects or aphids hidden in the foliage or flowers of fresh hops. These will emerge as soon as the hops start to dry and will die off very quickly within a couple of days. We inspect all bines before despatch and reject any that have an obvious problem – but detecting small infestations is very difficult, so please be patient! If in doubt, drape the hop bines in a shed or garage for a couple of days before displaying them.
  • Fresh bines have a rough, slightly barbed surface to the stems and underside of the leaves. This can scratch the skin and cause short-term irritation so we recommend the wearing of thin gloves and long sleeves while handling fresh bines.
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